Whether you are seeking relaxation or pain relief, Aveda Georgetown's experienced massage therapists are here to help you by offering a thorough consultation, outstanding and customized massage services.


30-Minute Focus Massage      | $79

45-Minute Swedish Massage  | $97

60-Minute Swedish Massage  | $115

90-Minute Swedish Massage  | $149


Hot Stone Massage

During a hot stone massage soothing warm basalt stones are used as an extension of your therapist's hands in long, slow strokes.

60-Minute Hot Stone Massage  | $150

90-Minute Swedish Massage     | $175


Massage Techniques

30-min Full Body Massage  | $80

45-min Full Body Massage  | $100

60-min Full Body Massage  | $115

90-min Full Body Massage  | $150



We do not recommend a massage service to be performed during the first trimester of pregnancy.

30-min Pregnancy Massage  | $80

60-min Pregnancy Massage  | $135


Deep Tissue Massage

30-min Deep Tissue Massage | $100

45-min Deep Tissue Massage | $115

60-min Deep Tissue Massage  | $135

90-min Deep Tissue Massage | $200


The following techniques may be incorporated into a massage for an additional $20.

Pregnancy Massage

Deep Tissue Massage



25% of Service Cancellation Fee