Hair Cutting & Styling

Short, long, straight or wavy - Aveda professionals will create a cut and style to suit your look and lifestyle. All hair cuts include blow dry and style. Please note that the service price depends on level of experience your provider has.


Senior Stylists

Master Stylists

Stylists at Georgetown Aveda Salon have two to six years working experience at our salon. A haircut and blow dry from a Stylist starts at $67. Stylists are the newest members of our hair care team.  Our Stylists are mentored by our more senior stylists.

Our Senior Stylists have six or more years of hair care experience in Hairdressing. They travel outside the salon regularly for further education on current hair trends and techniques. Our Senior Stylists are certified by Aveda and other industry leaders. From a full makeover to a new color, our Senior Sylists are some of DC's best hair care experts.

Master Stylist at Georgetown Aveda Salon has over ten years experience working in Hairdressing. Our Master Stylist are some of the regions’ most celebrated hair stylists. Master Stylists at Georgetown Aveda Salon are often award winning hair care leaders and some of the most talked about mentors in our region. Our Master Stylists travel outside the salon regularly for further education on current trends and techniques.  They are educators themselves, mentoring rising stylist stars as well as participants in hair shows and community events.

 Women's Haircut with StyleMen's HaircutKids' HaircutsShampoo & Blow DryRelaxer (no finish)Relaxer with finishSpecial Occasion Styling $77 - $95$52 - $70$15- $35$57 - $70$127 - $137$162 - $192$107 - $125


Aveda has developed the first hair color that is 97% naturally derived with gentle, plant-based processing and conditioning.

Single Process ColorPartial HighlightsFull HighlightsBalayageGentlemen Gray BlendingCorrective ColorsGloss$80+$140+$160+$160+$45+Consultation$45



Hair Structure

Women's Haircut Including FinishGent's HaircutShampoo and FinishUpdoExtensions$77+$52+$52+$130+Consultation


Bridal Services

Bridal Updo  | Consultation

Bridal Makeup | Consultation



Botanical Treatment | $35

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